About us

The Commercial- Productive Company “Podolski” combines tradition and experience with novelty and development to guarantee height quality of aver product we are reading hand division of carcass . Our every day work is accompanied by the care about health and pleasure of the customer.

In relation too the entrance of Poland too the Europe an Union there was the necessity not only to an sure the demanded Europe an norms but also to increase greatly the productive profit. There fore in 2008 over institution was moved too newly built modern object , with widened aver offer with poultry on trays. We have been servicing wide range of costumers, starting from retail the customers through supermarkets ending on storehouses recipients in the country or abroad. We have been offering high quality of our product together with useful financial conditions.

The company has got its own new transport base. Wide range of special transport drives. With the load capacity of 500 KG to 22 tons allows us to reach to each customer.

The Commercial- Productive Company “Podolski”- pays huge attention to the quality. Managing the quality in our on the complex control of ingredients, the productive process and read made product. The complex control on each stage of production, modern facilities and technologist, the introduced system HACCP are the guarantee of microbiological safety of food and high quality of the offered assortment.

The pleasure of our customer is the basis of the company development, therefore we especially care for quality and health safety of the product. Es the producer of food we utilize in the production ingredients coming from stable and chosen deliverers having been under stable veterinary supervision. Fulfilling high demands of the international quality standard we believe that though our deeds and constant perfection in the range of quality and safety of production we will keep the trust of our costumers and we will gain their bond to our brand.