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The Commercial- Productive Company Podolski


The Commercial- Productive Company “Podolski” located in the small village Lutomek in the province of Great Poland started its activity in January 90. Its founder Wojciech Podolski has led the retail sale at the beginning, and dynamic development of the company allowed him to open the store house of sausage meat and poultry in Gorzów Poland (1993), Wrocław Poland (1995), Lubin Poland (1996). Coming across the demands of the market in 1998 Mr. Podolski to the decision to build the institution of cutting and presentation poultry.

Since the beginning of activity we are trying to introduce program of the company development in the range of investments as well as the economy. Each next year is for our company another year of the strategy realization having in mind perfection of the product and strengthening of the brand on the market.

Our mission:

To be trustworthy deliverer of the Polish meat and sausage ensuring our customers in the country and abroad well known- brand, excellent quality and highest level of safety.

Our products

kurczak tuszka

Poultry Items

skrzydelka z kurczaka

Poultry Items - tray

zestaw rodzinny grill

Poultry Items - grills tray