The activity of Trade-Production Company “PODOLSKI” Wojciech Podolski is focused on cutting white meat and production of mechanically separated meat, raw meat products and delicatessen poultry meat, safe for the health of our Customers.

         The implementation and effective performance of BRC Global Standard For Food Safety aims at meeting regulatory requirements, increasing customer confidence in our Company, improving work organization and enhancing employees' awareness and responsibility.

         Bearing in mind that the development of our Company depends on the satisfaction of our Customers, we commit ourselves to produce products of high and stable quality that are safe for Consumer's health. To ensure health safety of our products, we observe to GMP and GHP as well as analyze hazards and monitor critical points of control throughout the entire technology cycle – from the raw material acceptance to delivery of the finished product to the Customer.

We intend to achieve the following strategic objectives by means of:

  • Business ethics
  • Compliance with legal requirements of the European Union
  • Ongoing monitoring of raw material suppliers
  • Continuous adjustment of our products to Customer's requirements
  • Customer-oriented solutions – meeting Customer's requirements and minimizing the number of complaints
  • Constant sanitary and hygienic regime in the production process
  • Improving work organization and internal communication.
  • Increasing quality awareness of the employees,
  • Clear definition of the needs and expectations of the customers
  • Ongoing monitoring of environmental impact.

We will systematically monitor the implementation of Food Safety Policy during internal audits and system reviews.

We commit our employees to make every effort to implement the Food Safety Policy and achieve the set goals.